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Bullying and harassment

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Bullying and Harassment at Work: A Guide for Managers and Employers

This leaflet offers practical advice to employers to help them prevent bullying an harassment and to deal with any cases that occur. It includes guidelines for the development of policies and procedures.

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ACAS/AL04 Advice leaflets


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Bullying and Harassment at Work: Guidance for Employees

Gives employees basic information about bullying, summarises the responsibilities of employers, outlines some of the options open to them and points to sources of further information and advice.

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ACAS/AL05 Advice leaflets


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Delivering equality and diversity

This guide helps employers review their existing equality policy and action plan, monitor how the policy is working and take action, where needed, to address inequality or promote diversity.

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ACAS/B16 Advisory booklets


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Workplace bullying and harassment: building a culture of respect

This Acas Policy Discussion Paper outlines Acas’ experience of dealing with bullying and harassment and examines the legislative and policy context, the extent of the problem in UK workplaces, the incidence of different forms of negative behaviour, such as harassment against minority ethnic groups and the most effective prevention strategies.

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ACAS/PDP/04/06 Policy discussion papers


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